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Aql Tv New Frequency 2020

Aql Tv New Frequency 2020

Aql, an Islamic term
Aquila (constellation), constellation abbreviation, as standardized by the International Astronomical Union
Algic languages, by ISO 639-5 language code
Said Aql (1912–2014), Lebanese poet, writer, playwright and language reformer
Aql (company), a telecommunications company based in Leeds, UK
AQL may refer to:
Acceptable quality limit, the worst-case quality level, expressed as a percentage of defects in a population, that is still considered acceptable
Association québécoise de linguistique, the Quebec Linguistic Society
AQL (ArangoDB_Query_Language), a database query language
Aql Tv
Palapa-D @113.0E
FREQ: 4014 H 7200
MPEG2 SD FTA Started

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