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Btv National Working Biss Key On Bangabandhu-1 2023

Btv National On Bangabandhu-1 @119.1E New Biss Key 2023

BTV National Debate is an event held by Bangladesh Television in every year. Students of different schools come to attend the event. Quarter Final, Semi Final and Finale takes place in this event.
BTV gathers different school teams from different areas of Bangladesh. Then the debate topic is

National BtvOn

Bangabandhu-1 @119.1E

TP : 4720 v 30000
Freq: 11725 V 17500
SID: 0001
Biss Key : AF DF 19 A7 74 BC 25 55


Btv National Working Biss Key On Bangabandhu-1 2023

Btv National Latest Biss Key On TP Today Update 2023

BTV can be received via satellite throughout Asia and parts of Europe and Africa. Bangladesh Television is also the sister network of Sangsad Television, a parliamentary television channel. BTV World is also to be converted into an independent entertainment television channel with a different schedule compared to BTV Dhaka. BTV Dhaka broadcasts eighteen hours a day on terrestrial television, and twenty-four hours a day on satellite television. Its satellite feed relays BTV World’s transmissions during the off-air hours of its terrestrial feed. BTV Chittagong broadcasts on a full-day basis daily

divided into two teams each. Then the two teams debate on that topic against them and the judges and the moderator choose the winning team. Then slowly this event continuous and the teams with top scores get the chance to be on the quarter final. Thus this event continuous and every year a winner team is selected


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