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Cinema One New Frequency 2020

Cinema One New Frequency 2020


Cinema One (also called C1 and stylized as C1NEMAONE) is a Philippine pay television channel targeted to the Filipino diaspora. It is owned by Creative Programs, a subsidiary of Philippine media conglomerate ABS-CBN. Its programming includes a lineup of mainstream and independent local and foreign films, film-related programming, and original made-for-television films.[1]
The channel was launched on June 12, 1994 when i-Channel merged with Classic 21 to form Sky 1, which was launched with morning schedules containing public affairs, business and mostly Philippine movies. Sky 1 was rebranded as the Pinoy Blockbuster Channel on June 29, 1998, with its programming now being focused towards locally-produced films only. On May 20, 2001, Pinoy Blockbuster Channel was rebranded again Cinema One and added foreign movies to its schedule.[1]
Cinema One logo used from 2009 to April 16, 2013.
In 2005, Cinema One ventured into original movie productions under its annual Cinema One Originals film festival which showcase and grants funding to independent film makers in the country. Among the films that has been produced by the channel were Confessional (2007), Huling Balyan ng Buhi, Rome & Juliet, Tambolista (2007), Mater Dolorosa (2012), Yanggaw, Sa North Diversion Road (2005), Imburnal (2008), Dose, Altar, Baybayin (2012), That Thing Called Tadhana (2014), Ang Babaeng Humayo, 2 Cool 2 Be 4gotten, and Baka Bukas.[1]
In May 2004, as part of ABS-CBN’s global marketing strategy, Cinema One was launched internationally focused towards the Philippine diaspora in North America, the Middle East, Europe, and Asia-Pacific.
Cinema One
AsiaSat-7 @105.5E
FREQ: 3912 V 7265
MPEG4 HD FTA Started
Replace On DREAM TV

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