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HAUSA 7 TV New Frequency 2020

HAUSA 7 TV New Frequency 2020

The first terrestrial television broadcast signals in Africa occurred on Saturday October 31, 1959 and belonged to the Western Nigeria Television Service (WNTS). Nigeria is the first country to introduce television broadcasting in Africa, other prominent African countries failed to achieve this feat soon enough. Nigeria also has the largest terrestrial television network in Africa which is the Nigerian Television Authority(with over 96 stations scattered around the country).[1]
This is a list of free-to-air television stations based in Nigeria. It also includes the location, year of establishment, owner and type of ownership.[2][3]
The Hausa (autonyms for singular: Bahaushe (m), Bahaushiya (f); plural: Hausawa and general: Hausa; exonyms: Ausa; Francophonic spelling: Haoussa) are the largest ethnic group in Africa and the second largest language after Arabic in the Afroasiatic family of languages. The Hausa are a diverse but culturally homogeneous people based primarily in the Sahelian and the sparse savanna areas of southern Niger and northern Nigeria respectively, numbering over 70 million people with significant indegenized populations in Benin, Cameroon, Ivory Coast,[16] Chad, Sudan, Central African Republic,[17] Republic of the Congo[18], Togo, Ghana,[19] Eritrea,[10] Equatorial Guinea,[20] Gabon, Senegal and the Gambia.
Amos-17 @17.0E
TP: 12540 V 12500
MPEG4 SD FTA Started

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