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History Hd New PowerVu Key 2020

History Hd New PowerVu Key 2020

History (formerly The History Channel from 1995 to 2008) is a pay television network that is owned by A+E Networks, a joint venture between Hearst Communications and the Disney Media Networks division of the Walt Disney Company.
The network was originally focused on history-based documentaries and historical fiction series though, during the late 2000s, History would drift into reality television programming. In addition to this change in format, the network is also criticized by many scientists, historians, and skeptics for broadcasting pseudodocumentaries and unsubstantiated, sensational investigative programming.
As of February 2015, around 96,149,000 American households (82.6% of households with television) receive the network’s flagship channel, History.[1] International localized versions of History are available, in various forms, in India, Canada, Europe, Australia, the Middle East, Africa, and Latin America.
Load M3 Tv Hd
History Hd
TP :3760 V 29720
TP :3960 H 29700
PowerVu Key 00 : 93 36 94 D7 69 4C CB 00
PowerVu Key 01 : 06 35 82 7E 91 2E 06 00

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