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Hope World New frequency 2020

Hope World New frequency 2020

HOPE International is a Christian faith-based nonprofit organization based in Lancaster, PA focused on alleviating physical and spiritual poverty through Christ-centered microenterprise development. The aim “to invest in the dreams of families in the world’s underserved communities as they proclaim and live the Gospel,” HOPE International now operates in 16 underserved countries and has assisted hundreds of thousands of people through over 2.7 million loans totaling more than $800 million since it began operations in 1997. Its clients also currently hold $30 million in savings
The World Bank reports that, “nearly 3 billion people in developing countries have little or no access to formal financial services.”[2] According to CGAP, “people living in poverty, like everyone else, need a diverse range of financial services to run their businesses, build assets, smooth consumption and manage risks.”[3] Traditionally, these families fill financial gaps by borrowing from friends and family or by borrowing from loan sharks who charge high interest rates. Oftentimes these options do not provide lasting solutions.
Microfinance, defined as “providing financial services such as small loans to poor people so they can increase their income and decrease their vulnerability to unforeseen circumstances,”[4] provides an opportunity for lasting change in even the poorest of communities. Many clients in the HOPE network are women seeking to establish sustainable means of providing food, clothing, shelter, and an education for their families. Income from businesses built in part through small loans and savings not only helps the individual client, but also benefits his or her family and subsequently strengthens the local economy.
Hope World
EutelSat-16A @16.0E
FREQ: 21600 H 5206
MPEG4 SD FTA Started

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