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Nepal One New Frequency 2020

Nepal One New Frequency 2020

Nepal 1 is the first Nepali language Satellite Indian Channel from India.Currently Nepal 1 is not aired in Nepal by cable TV. Earlier only one dth had banned its transmission in Nepal. As Nepal 1 started stopped news of Nepal and program from Nepal, it started showing program of Indian channel, APN TV. Then Nepali cable operator stopped airing it as viewers were confused for whose countrymen the channel was broadcasting news. Nepall 1 earlier primarily targeted towards homes of the Nepalese community outside Nepal in North Bengal, Sikkim and North Eastern States in India, the whole of Myanmar, Singapore and Malaysia, right up to Hong Kong. some of the highly successful tele film of This channel were Darsan jindagi , Ramayan(Nepali Version ) , Jhajhalko (horror tele film , Bhagya af afno (re run) & Longest tele film Kaslai afno bhanu.
Nepal 1’s line-up is designed for family viewing with its programming schedule of diverse news, sports, movies, comedy and investigative specials from India.
Nepal One
GSat-30 @83.0E
TP: 3778 H 11250
MPEG4 HD FTA Started

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