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Notun Somoy New Frequency 2020

Notun Somoy New Frequency 2020

Farhana Amin Ratna (better known by her stage name Nuton) is a Bangladeshi film actress.[1] She was a dancer from Kishoreganj, Bangladesh. She debuted with the film Nuton Prabhat.[2]
Nuton debuted with the film Nuton Probhat (1969). Later, she got her biggest through in the patriotic film Ora Egaro Jon (1972). Her portrayal of a wretched housewife earned her nationwide recognition. Nuton is notable for her negative role as a vamp in the 1988 film Ranga Bhabi. She was awarded Bangladesh National Film Award for Best Supporting Actress in 1991 for her role in Strir Paona.[3] In 1983, Nuton became the first model of the commercial of Lux in Bangladesh.[4]
Notun Somoy
AsiaSat-7 @105.5E
FREQ: 4146 H 5318
MPEG4 HD FTA Started

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