Ptv K Lat New Biss Key PakSat 1R – 38.0°East 2023

Ptv K Lat New Biss Key PakSat 1R – 38.0°East 2023

Pakistan Television Corporation (Urdu: پاكِستان ٹیلی وژن نیٹ ورک‎; reporting name: PTV) is the Pakistani state-owned broadcaster. Founded on 26 November 1964 as a private company by NEC of Japan, PTV was nationalised by the Pakistani 1970, due to low revenue.For most of the 20th century, the PTV enjoyed a monopoly in the broadcasting industry until the early 2000s and was one of the two major Television networks in the country. The end of PTV’s monopoly in 2000 led to a boom in electronic media in Pakistan, which gained greater political influence in country’s political spectrum.

The idea of establishing a media and television industry was conceived in late 1956 and created by the privately set up national education commission, with the support of President Ayub Khan in 1960.[1] In 1961, the private sector media mogul and industrialist Syed Wajid Ali launched a television industrial development project, bringing the role of Ubaidur Rahman, an electrical engineer in the Engineering Division of Radio Pakistan, as the project director of the first television station in Lahore. Ali reached a milestone in 1961 after establishing a private television broadcasting company with the cooperation of Nippon Electric Company (NEC) of Japan and Thomas Television International of United Kingdom.
In 1963, a public meeting was chaired by President Ayub Khan; in which the government made decisions about the Pakistan Television stations and the media industry in the country. Since 1963, its headquarters are in Islamabad, near the Cabinet Secretariat. From 1961 to 1962, a television headquarters was established in Lahore and several pilot transmission tests were taken by Rahman’s team. Subsequently, many television divisions were established throughout Pakistan by this team, including East-Pakistan


Ptv K Lat Today Update October

PakSat 1R – 38.0°E

FARQ: 4053 V 5183


Biss Key : EF EC 20 FB 71 93 36 3A

Updated: July 24, 2023 — 1:11 pm

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