RTA Sports HD YahSat.1A@ 52.5°East New Frequency 2023

  • RTA Sports HD YahSat.1A@ 52.5°E New Frequency 2023

RTA Sports Frequency Satellite Express AM 6 53.0° East (Yahsat) TV Channel LNB Type KU Band Updated 2021/08/30

RTA Sports TV Channel Broadcast Transmission Now Free to Air Satellite Express 6 AM 53.0° East

RTA Sports frequency TP Technical data type complete details

Yahsat 52.5° E satellite frequency TV channels


RTA Sports

YahSat.1A@ 52.5°East
Freq : 10887 V 27500 2/3

RTA Sport
Freq : 1158 V 8330 2/3
System : MPEG-4 SD

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