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Smtv Hd New Frequency 2020

Smtv Hd New Frequency 2020

SMTV Live (an abbreviation of Saturday Morning Television Live, and also stylised as SM:tv LIVE), was a British Saturday morning children’s television programme, produced by Blaze Television for ITV. Operating on a similar format to other Saturday morning programmes for children, such as BBC’s Live & Kicking, the programme premiered on 29 August 1998 and ran for over 270 episodes across five years, before its conclusion on 27 December 2003.
The programme’s format focused on a collection of sketches, competitions and challenges, alongside a compilation of children’s programmes and cartoon. The programme proved a major success, contributing to furthering the careers of Anthony McPartlin and Declan Donnelly under the partnership of Ant & Dec, as well as promoting the broadcast of Japanese anime series Pokémon on British television. SMTV Live became notable for various elements including a sketch based on Pokémon, the phone competition of “Wonky Donky”, and the late morning edition of CD:UK that the presenters of the programme were involved in towards the end of the morning schedule. The programme was regularly popular with its audiences, attracting around 2.5 million viewers.
Following its conclusion, Ant & Dec’s former company Gallowgate Holdings Limited retained the rights to the show. In April 2017, Ant & Dec made a proposal for a 20th anniversary special to reunite them with co-presenter Cat Deeley,[1] but despite an announcement of it being revived during the 2017 British Academy Television Awards,[2] ITV later stated that the proposal had been dropped.[3]
Smtv Hd
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