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TV Direc New Frequency 2020

TV Direc New Frequency 2020

DirecTV is an American direct broadcast satellite service provider based in El Segundo, California and is a subsidiary of AT&T. Its satellite service, launched on June 17, 1994, transmits digital satellite television and audio to households in the United States, Latin America, and the Caribbean.[2][3] Its primary competitors are Dish Network and cable television providers. On July 24, 2015, after receiving approval from the United States Federal Communications Commission and United States Department of Justice, AT&T acquired DirecTV in a transaction valued at $67.1 billion.[4][5]
As of Q1 2017, DirecTV U.S. had 21 million subscribers (26 million if combined with U-verse) and revenues of $12 billion. As of the end of Q3 2019, Directv subscribers had fallen to 16 million subscribers.[citation needed]
DirecTV is one of two premium television offerings from AT&T, the other being AT&T TV.
TV Direc
Thaicom-6A @78.5E
FREQ: 4800 H 30000
MPEG2 SD FTA Started

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