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Al Komel Hd New Frequency 2020

Al Komel Hd New Frequency 2020

Al-Kamil (Arabic: الكامل‎) (full name: al-Malik al-Kamil Naser ad-Din Abu al-Ma’ali Muhammad) (c. 1177 – 6 March 1238) was a Muslim ruler and the fourth Ayyubid sultan of Egypt. During his tenure as sultan, the Ayyubids defeated the Fifth Crusade. He was known to the Frankish crusaders as Meledin, a name by which he is still referred to in some older western sources. As a result of the Sixth Crusade, he ceded Jerusalem to the Christians and is known to have met with Saint Francis.[1]
Al-Kamil was the son of sultan al-Adil (“Saphadin”), a brother of Saladin. Al-Kamil’s father was laying siege to the city of Mardin in 1199 when he was called away urgently to deal with a security threat in Damascus. Al-Adil left al-Kamil to command the forces around Mardin continuing the siege.[2] Taking advantage of the Sultan’s absence, the combined forces of Mosul, Sinjar and Jazirat ibn Umar appeared at Mardin when it was on the point of surrender, and drew Al-Kamil into battle. He was badly defeated and retreated to Mayyafariqin.[3] However dissent and weakness among his opponents meant that Al-Kamil was able to secure Ayyubid rule in the Jazira region by taking Harran.[4][5]
Al Komel Hd
NileSat-201 @7.0W
TP: 12604 V 27500
MPEG4 HD FTA Started

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