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Bbc Earth New PowerVu Key 2020

Bbc Earth New PowerVu Key 2020

BBC Earth is a documentary subscription television channel featuring premium factual programming. The channel is wholly owned and operated by BBC Studios. Originally set to roll out internationally in 2014,[1] it was later announced it would launch in 2015,[2] starting in Poland.[3
In October 2013, the BBC announced that in 2014 it would rollout 3 new brands – BBC Earth, BBC First, and BBC Brit, with BBC Earth to be dedicated to premium factual programming.[1] It was later announced that the channel would air series such as Frozen Planet and Wonders of the Universe. In addition, roughly 30 hours of new content would be ordered for the channel in its first year.[4] The channel is set to replace BBC Knowledge; however, if the existing channel is successful in certain markets, it may continue to operate.[5]
Bbc Earth Network Hd
Measat 3A @91.5°E
TP:3840 V 29720
PowerVu Key 00 : 02 B7 68 1B 20 66 84 00
PowerVu Key 01 : 06 B3 30 1A 6A BD AD 00

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