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Belarus 24 Tv New Frequency 2020

Belarus 24 Tv New Frequency 2020

Belarus 24 (Belarusian: Беларусь-24) is the state television and radio channel of Belarus. It was launched on 1 February 2005. It broadcasts primarily in Russian language programmes of other Belarusian state TV channels Belarus 1, Belarus 2, Belarus 3 and Belarus 5. On January 1, 2013, Belarus TV was renamed Belarus 24.
TV channel replace 1 logotype. Present — 2nd on account.
With February 1, 2005 by December 14, 2008 logotype to represent word «БЕЛАРУСЬ», right — word «ТВ» in spectrum of Belorussiyan flag. Find in left upper corner.
With December 15, 2008 by present time at word «БЕЛАРУСЬ» replace type and right at present «LYING» semicylinder, executed in spectrum of Belorussiyan, where write «ТВ». Find there while.
Belarus 24 Tv
AsiaSat-5 @100.5E
FREQ: 4080 H 30000
MPEG4 SD FTA Started

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