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GBS TV New Frequency On AzerSpace 1/Africasat 1a at 46.0°East 2023

GBS TV Latest Frequency On AzerSpace 1/Africasat 1a at 46.0°East 2023

The Global Broadcast Service (GBS) is a broadcast service rapidly transferring information, which may be classified, for the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) and its deployed and garrisoned units worldwide. Information may include video and digital data. GBS has become a critical piece of the DoD’s intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance architecture.An advancement in satellite communications, GBS fills two key military communications requirements High data rates to many users at once High data rates to very small, low-cost user receive-only terminals

A communications satellite is an artificial satellite that relays and amplifies radio telecommunication signals via a transponder; it creates a communication channel between a source transmitter and a receiver at different locations on Earth. Communications satellites are used for television, telephone, radio, internet, and military applications. As of 1 January 2021, there are 2,224 communications satellites in Earth orbit. Most communications satellites are in geostationary orbit 22,300 miles (35,900 km) above the equator, so that the satellite appears stationary at the same point in the sky; therefore the satellite dish antennas of ground stations can be aimed permanently at that spot and do not have to move to track the satellite.

GBS TV Working New Frequency On  2023

The high frequency radio waves used for telecommunications links travel by line of sight and so are obstructed by the curve of the Earth. The purpose of communications satellites is to relay the signal around the curve of the Earth allowing communication between widely separated geographical points.[3] Communications satellites use a wide range of radio and microwave frequencies. To avoid signal interference, international organizations have regulations for which frequency ranges or “bands” certain organizations are allowed to use. This allocation of bands minimizes the risk of signal interference.

GBS TV Latest New Frequency On AzerSpace 1/Africasat 1a 2023

Channel Name



AzerSpace 1/Africasat 1a at 46.0°East

Channel TP

3833 V V 1077 2/3






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