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Jhs Tv Okun Tv New Frequency 2020

Jhs Tv Okun Tv New Frequency 2020

Brat (also known as Brat TV) is a digital media network, which was launched in 2017 and is available on YouTube. The network features original programming and was designed for a teenage audience to view on digital platforms. The original scripted programming features popular teenage social media personalities, in videos ranging from six to twenty-five minutes long. Brat’s flagship web series, Chicken Girls, has many social media influencers in it. A subsequent movie, based on Chicken Girls, was released titled Chicken Girls: The Movie. Brat has also produced shows starring numerous teenage TV and movie stars from Disney Channel and Nickelodeon, such as Anna Cathcart, Addison Riecke, Francesca Capaldi, and Emily Skinner.
Brat was launched in 2017 by television writer Rob Fishman and Darren Lachtman as an online network featuring scripted content streaming for free on YouTube.[1][2] The company originally received $2.5 million in seed funding from a range of investors.[1] Fishman saw a gap in the online market for high-quality teenage programming available for free on digital platforms.[3] The content produced by Brat is structured as several short-form web series starring popular teenage internet celebrities. Fishman noted how the selected social media personalities all brought their own established audiences to Brat’s programming, describing them as “under-leveraged media property”.[3][1] The name of the network was inspired by the “Brat Pack” movies of the 1980s.[3]
Brat premiered its first multi-cam sitcom, Hotel du Loone, in June 2018.[4] A film based on Chicken Girls was released in 2018 as part of a deal with Studio L, a digital content division of Lionsgate[2][5] Prior to the film’s release, Brat and Lionsgate amicably cancelled their partnership.[6] The film was designed to provide an alternative to what had been covered in the series and premiered in June.[2]
In December 2018, Brat premiered the Brat Holiday Spectacular starring Mackenzie Ziegler and Annie LeBlanc.[7]
In March 2019, Brat premiered Spring Breakaway starring Lilia Buckingham, Anna Cathcart, Kianna Naomi, William Franklyn-Miller, and Annie LeBlanc.[8]
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