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STS International New Frequency 2020

STS International New Frequency 2020

STS (abbr. СТС from Russian: Сеть Телевизионных Станций, Set’ Televizionnykh Stantsiy, Network of television stations) is a commercial television station based in Moscow, Russia. It belongs to the CTC Media company. The company is owned by National media group (Russia) and VTB Bank (Russia).[2
In 1994, Channel Six Petersburg (owned by then-current CTC Media StoryFirst Communications) began expanded outside St. Petersburg. Some local stations began rebroadcast that station: Telesphere (Krasnoyarsk), AMTV (Moscow), Zenit (Oryol), TSM Channel 10 (Novobirisk, have been rebroadcast since the launch in 1991 but disaffiliated in 1995).
In December 1996, AMTV went into financial crisis, most of founders had left. It later joins StoryFirst Communications (at that time owned some regional TV in Russia). AMTV later joins those stations, leading to created STS.
Sts International
EchoStar-9 @121.0W
FREQ: 4170 V 15000
MPEG4 HD FTA Started

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