Turkmeneli Tv Hd New Frequency EutelSat-10A @10.0East 2023

Turkmeneli Tv Hd New Frequency EutelSat-10A @10.0East 2023

Türkmeneli Televizyonu, or simply Türkmeneli TV, is a Television station in Iraq which broadcasts the interests of the Iraqi Turkmen community. It is available on two satellites: Turksat and Nilesat, and broadcasts in the Turkish and Arabic languages.The channel produces a variety of programmes, such as the news, and documentaries on

Iraqi Turkmen history (particularly Ottoman history), language, politics, and music.
Based in Kirkuk, Türkmeneli TV started its test broadcast in April 2004 and its actual broadcast in July 2004. By 2010 Türkmeneli TV opened another studio in Baghdad].
In 2008 Türkmeneli TV signed a protocol with the Turkish Radio and Television Corporation (TRT) allowing t

station to broadcast sequences and music programs from TRT.[1] Moreover, Türkmeneli TV has also signed agreements with other Turkish channels, such as with TGRT and ATV, and the Northern Cyprus broadcaster Bayrak Radyo Televizyon Kurumu (BRT) to share documentaries.
As of 2012, Türkmeneli TV has studios in Kirkuk and Baghdad in Iraq, and in Ankara in Turkey.


Turkmeneli Tv Hd
Libyan Business Hd
EutelSat-10A @10.0E
FREQ: 11346 H 27500
MPEG4 HD FTA Started

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