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Tv Cine Top Hd New Frequency 2020

Tv Cine Top Hd New Frequency 2020

TVCine is a Portuguese premium television brand used on four movie channels, operated by NOS. They showcase recent movies and premieres from all the major studios, as well as comedy, action, classic and old movies.
The TVCine brand was launched on November 1, 2007, replacing the Lusomundo branding of the channels that had been launched on June 1, 2003. In May, 2009, they started to broadcast in 16:9 24-hours a day, instead of the old 4:3 format.
As of September 1, 2015 TVSéries has granted HBO series exclusivity in Portugal and has adopted “Home of HBO” as its tagline.[1][2]
TVCine Top (replaced Lusomundo Premium, and more recently TVCine 1)
TVCine Edition (replaced Lusomundo Action, and more recently TVCine 2)
TVCine Emotion (replaced Lusomundo Happy, and more recently TVCine 3)
TVCine Action (replaced Lusomundo Gallery, TVCine, and more recently TVCine 4)
TVCine Top HD (replaced TVCine 4 HD, TVCine HD and TVCine 1 HD)
TVCine Edition HD (replaced TVCine 2 HD)
TVCine Emotion HD (replaced TVCine 3 HD)
TVCine Action HD (replaced TVCine 2 HD)
Tv Cine Top Hd
HispaSat-30 @30.0W
FREQ: 12436 H 27500
MPEG4 HD FTA Started

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